How to install Gyproc Cove and Cornice for coving projects

Installation of Gyproc Cove or Gyproc Cornice

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How to install Gyproc Cove and Cornice

First, mark a line on the wall down from the ceiling. For cornice, this measurement is 84mm. For 100mm cove, it is 67mm, and for 127mm cove, 83mm.

It is important to note that where the ceiling is not flat and level, you will need to mark the wall at the low point on the ceiling.

Prepare the wall by removing any wallpaper from the wall or ceiling, or provide a key for painted or bare plaster surfaces.

Ensure the surface is free from dust.

We are now ready to start measuring and cutting our Cornice. When we cut internal or external mitres we have a range of mitre boxes which can be used for coving and cornice. Mitre boxes can be used for different sizes of coving and cornice, as long as a packer is used at the base of the mitre block.

Place the cornice into the box, using a fine tooth or old hard-point saw, cut the cornice.

The cornice is now ready to fix.

Tack some nails into the wall to support the cornice until it is set. An 84mm spacer can be cut and used for this purpose.

Now, mix the Cove Adhesive with clean water to achieve a stiff consistency. As a guide, 1 kg of adhesive will fix a 4m run of cove or cornice. Remember you will only have around 40 minutes working time for the adhesive, so only mix as much as you will use in this time. Make sure you dampen down any high suction backgrounds before fixing your cornice.

Using a 100mm wide taping knife, spread Gyproc Cove Adhesive down each side of the reverse side of the cornice.

Place the cornice into position and press. Clean off the excess adhesive on the face of the cornice. If there is any sagging of the cornice due to ceilings that are not level, tack a nail into position to support the cornice until it is set. Using a damp paint brush or sponge, wipe over the cornice along the wall and ceiling line to remove any surplus adhesive.

At internal and external angles, further coats of Gyproc Cove Adhesive can be applied to achieve a suitable finish if required.

Stop ends can also be created to create an attractive finish to the end of the cornice.

To create additional features, Gyproc Cornice Strips or Battens can be used.

Finally, treat the cornice with a coat of Gyproc Drywall Primer prior to any decoration.

Cove and Cornice