Matt Massey reviews Screw Gun

As part of our regular series of Gadget Gear tool time reviews, Matt Massey reviews the Screw Gun

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[MUSIC] My name is Matt Massey. My company is MPC Plastering Contractors Limited, and today I'm reviewing the, Makita Collated Screw Gun. >> The product's been redesigned as lightweight. It's corded so you have to watch out that you're not tripping over the leads or anything. I know they do have a cordless version which I don't use but as far as ergonomics are concerned it's quite easy to use.

I think primarily. it's aimed at professional plaster boarders, dry liners, but plasterers obviously do a lot of boarding as well, but it's also very easy to use so it's great for DIYs as well. They perform well as long as you know how to use them and you maintain it correctly. You'll find that you need to lubricate the workings to stop any sticking.

What happens is [SOUND] that tends to stick down. [SOUND] And you get a screw's jam but other than that, it's good to use. It's definitely a time saver and that equates to us being able to earn more money in a quicker amount of time, so yeah. Only thing I don't like is when it jams occasionally, but that's due to improper use sometimes.

If you're not putting the screw or the gun flap on the tip the screw will go in off center, and then it won't screw all the way. Other than that, it works well. I would consider buying more and the reason why is because it saves us time and it makes us more money. I definitely recommend this part to a colleague and I would give it an eight out of ten.


As part of our regular series of Gadget Gear tool time reviews, our team of budding plasterers test out the latest time saving devices. Matt Massey reviews Screw Gun. View our plaster product range or why not sign up to the Thistle Plaster Newsletter so you can watch future reviews and get the latest information.

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