Stretch Hood Palletising

Improved protection for delivery and storage of our goods

The benefits of stretch hood packaging  

  • Flexible and strong - with less mess
  • Easy to roll down 
  • strong enough to hold firm 
  • Safer - easier to stack and more secure
  • Flatter pallet presentation 
  • Solid square pallet delivered -no splaying. 
  • Wrap pulls bags together  
  • Less damage - Fewer torn/ripped bags. 
  • No glue means no sticking together

We’ll be using the new system from April 2016 For a few weeks some loads will have pallets secured with a mixture of new hoods and the old system. Eventually all future pallets will feature the stretch hood system. Please note that the top of the pallets are not protected with the hood, therefore it is not intended for outside storage. 

How to open guidance 

Once the pallet has been manoeuvred into position within the warehouse, you can follow these simple steps to get the best out of the new packaging:  

  • The pallet can be unwrapped in one of two ways. The first involves going to each corner and rolling the film wrapper down to reveal the bags layer by layer. Should you wish to move the pallet, this wrapping can easily be unravelled over the top layer to provide further stability during transport.  
  • The second method is to use a safety knife to cut through the packaging. We would recommend that you do not cut on the corners and to once ensure again the packaging is rolled down as bags are taken from the pallet. 
  • As each pallet is wrapped with a protective film you now have the option to write delivery information on the outer packaging to help with warehouse management of new deliveries.

For more information please speak to your Area Sales Manager.