Shiel Developments join British Gypsum innovative partnership

ICF developer incorporates Gyproc Habito plasterboard on new development site

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>>So the remit with what we've got here is a development that needed to reflect the old style of factory buildings, so basically what we do is part conversion, part new build, and we've evolved that to reflect the old roof styles and, and, and really just give it that the whole typical factory style look. It's gonna be quite a unique development because these are all sort of in a gated development two-bedroom townhouses right within the centre of Newport Pagnell. So at Mustard Muse, all our houses are standard with Habito board all the way through, we'll be using Magnetic Plaster on some of the walls to create the features, with underfloor heating and we thought about the longevity of, of the externals, the maintenance and we're using an ICF which will give you great insulation and acoustic factors. Having an ICF building, again, people look at it and go well yes it's polystyrene on the inside, it's polystyrene on the outside. How do we fix anything to that? How do we do anything with that? Well using something like Habito board gives us the flexibility to basically put that throughout the building which means you can fix anything anywhere. Now ICF, most ICF systems have a, you know, a particular fixing centre, centre span, where you can put things on the walls but that isn't necessary where you want to put something on the wall. So having something that you can put anywhere on the wall is, is perfect. Using something like Gyproc Habito board gives us, gives an.. You know, a house is lived in, it gets knocked about, it, it needs to be mended and repaired and so forth, but if you've got something that for instance using the Habito board that you put on the wall, that has longevity, that doesn't dent and put holes in, that you can easily, you know, fix it, that looks good then, that's a, that's a great step forward, you know, why would you not use that? And for me that, that's what works, that's what we should use, that's what all houses in my opinion should, should really now start to be thinking about and, and looking at that longevity. If they see the Shiel brand, I want them to do, you know, I want them to know that actually they've sat around somebody's dinner table at some point in time when they've said yes we've bought a Shiel house, that is where I want it to be, I want the Shiel brand to be the best it can be. And it is achievable, there are many products out there that, that we can keep looking out and evolving and moving forward with which is going to give that, that ability to be able to deliver that. You know, as a business owner, I'm looking to create a better USP; what, what sets me aside? Well working with people like British Gypsum does that because it gives me credibility, you know, because their, their philosophy is very, very much my philosophy, and the same with other products as well. So I think going down that route definitely works. If you were living in a house that ticked every box would you be happy to pay extra? Now the people I've spoken to, which is a whole cross-section of different people, and we're not talking of thousands and thousands of pounds we're talking of maybe a couple of extra thousand pounds ultimately, would if they could move into that house and they had everything ticked, would they pay that extra? The answer is absolutely yes, and that's from the lower budget end of what I do to the top end of what I do, they're absolutely categorically yes they would.


This development exudes quality.  It’s a very elegant development and many of its architectural features are taken from the original factory that once stood in its place.  We’re using an ICF method of construction which works incredibly well for the style of town house property that we’re building. It’s important that we seek out partners that can bring new innovations to our homes that not only improve the construction process, but add layers of value to the future occupiers of these mews-style homes - British Gypsum’s innovative contribution to Taylor’s Yard is vital.

Using Gyproc Habito plasterboard and ThistlePro Magnetic plaster through each of the properties has enabled Iain to overcome one of the fundamental challenges in the use of ICF - how do I fix things to it?

ICF and Gyproc Habito plasterboard are a match made in heaven. ICF brings incredible speed efficiencies to the build process and has enabled us to construct Taylors Yard with very minimal material movement, but Gyproc Habito is the icing on the cake. It adds a further layer of rigidity to the structure and gives the future owner complete and unadulterated flexibility when it comes to hanging things off the walls.

Iain isn’t afraid to talk candidly about the increased cost of Gyproc Habito plasterboard over and above standard plasterboard. As he describes: “I’ve tested the cost argument with buyers and without exception all would pay extra for Gyproc Habito plasterboard - it stacks up financially and definitely delivers a home without compromise.