Ralston Properties partner with British Gypsum

British Gypsum helps Ralston Properties raise standard of new build homes

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>> Just across the road the first development we did in this area is called Willow Garnes and there’s seven houses there, and three of them have been sold because one of our original buyers liked the house so much, they liked what we do, they liked the innovations we put in, they liked the qualitative build, so they liked it so much they talked to other people about how good the new build was. Building nice houses is, I know it sounds, it sounds fundamental, but it's good business. Doing, building a nice product and people being pleased with it, not is it nice, but it's good business. And it's as simple as that, we spend more money per square foot building our houses. That's the bottom line, and that's probably, yeah, that's equally shiny as using Habito. Because we're spending more money on the same product. I know it's not the same product but the way that it looks like the same product. We're adding value by using Habito. Coming back to the large mass market builder, they're building whatever, 100, 200, 300 houses. You know, they will set their price and, you know, if the house doesn't sell this week or next week or the week after, they're big enough to sit on them. We, we can't do that, you know, we build very nice houses but we want to sell them. So again it's about added value; we provide a complete product, you know, you move into our houses, all you have to do is put the carpets down. So it's about providing a complete house, a more interesting house, hopefully more useful house. The Habito struck us when we saw it, I mean there's a very, this is a very simple display with it with a single screw holding a large weight, you know, that's the sort of thing that captures your eye, you think well let's let this find out a bit more about it, let’s ask the questions. Having used the Habito board, it means that the house is almost future proofed. Habito is almost indestructible. If you if you want to move a picture, all you're left with is entirely a little hole filler decorating all what needs doing to it, it won't deteriorate, it won't move, so we've made the inside nearly as maintenance-free as the outside. So you know when people come to look at our houses, we've got that little display, we've got a piece of Habito, so we've got a little screw we hang a big weight from it and, and people think, people think there's some trick to it and then you hit it with a hammer and it won't break and it intrigues them. I think it's probably something they appreciate more once they've moved into a house but nevertheless, it piques their interest.

>> We’ve offered the ThistlePro Magnetic plaster which we thought was really innovative and to give you the option to stick things onto the walls with magnets. And this family thought it was really exciting so they want to use it in two of their rooms and we're hoping that it's going to be a great innovation for our properties.


“Today’s home buyers expect so much more and we want to deliver against that wish.  Every home we build needs to look as good in ten years time as it does the day the home owner gets the front door keys. Building better houses which people are pleased with is good business” Iain Ralston, Ralston Properties.

After discovering Gyproc Habito, Iain and his design team could clearly see the benefits of British Gypsum’s ThistlePro Magnetic plaster and specified an area of Magnetic Plaster in each of the ten properties at the firm’s Rugby development.

“Homes should be an equal balance of functionality and fun. For us a Ralston Properties home needs to meet the needs of every member of the family, whether it’s a space for family-admin, , or a space for children to create a new masterpiece, Magnetic Plaster comes with unlimited possibilities.”