Innovative housebuilders raise the standard of new-build homes

Discover how housebuilders are already benefitting from installing innovative construction solutions in their new-build homes.

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>>We decided that we really ought to do something to try to differentiate ourselves from the competition which is why we've partnered up with British Gypsum and we're trialling these new products which so far have been very successful.

>>Our homes have sold very well here at Carlton Manor Park and we believe it is very much down to the new innovative products from British Gypsum. The Habito board, Sound Solutions and the Magnetic Plaster have all helped us make a better product for our customers.

>>There's lots of things internally we're still doing the same way as we were 20 years ago, a lot of things don't move on. The Habito board was, we perceived, added value. It really did something different.

>>Obviously we want to be able to build our brand, we want people to associate Cherry Tree Homes with, with a high quality product.

>>Building nice houses is, I know it sounds, it sounds fundamental, but it's good business. Doing, building a nice product and people being pleased with it, not is it nice, but it's good business. And it's as simple as that, we spend more money per square foot building our houses.

>>So far, on this scheme, we've had a 100 percent reservation prior-to-build completion which is obviously what we're aiming for and I do genuinely think that that the British Gypsum products and our own specification upgrades have made a significant difference yeah.

>>Gyproc Habito is more expensive but, effectively, as a cost to us in the total build it's negligible because it's one of the major marketing points we have about why our house is a better built house.

>>If you were living in a house that ticked every box would you be happy to pay extra? Now the people I've spoken to, which is a whole cross-section of different people, and we're not talking of thousands and thousands of pounds we're talking of maybe a couple of extra thousand pounds ultimately, would if they could move into that house and they had everything ticked, would they pay that extra? The answer is absolutely yes.


See how it’s helped other housebuilders sell their houses faster, gain commercial premiums and build their brand image; Cherry Tree Homes, Cumbrian Homes, VRC Homes, Shiel Development and Ralston Properties share their experiences working with British Gypsum and adopting new innovative products. Cherry Tree Homes has realised how being an innovative housebuilder could help its brand be associated with building better homes, and therefore stand out from the competition. Cumbrian Homes is selling its new-build houses faster than expected due to better quality products positioning the fabric of the house as a construction priority. Ralston properties saw this innovative partnership as an opportunity to make good business adding value to its houses. VRC Homes quickly recognised that the extra cost of the products were not significant thanks to the essential value to the housebuilder’s brand and marketing advantage.

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