Fairgrove Homes adopts a “building better” approach to win customers

Introducing quality to potential homeowners as standard

When Fairgrove’s Sales & Marketing Manager Vanessa Gregory discovered Gyproc Habito, ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster and Silent Floor, she knew that a partnership with British Gypsum would enable them to tackle some of the new build perception issues amongst potential buyers.  As Vanessa explains: “there’s no doubt there is a perception issue amongst some buyers looking for a new home - they often fear that new properties aren’t built as well as they were in previous times, delivering flimsy walls and noise problems.  We knew as soon as we discovered Gyproc Habito that we could tackle this problem head on and send a clear message to buyers that homes at our Kimberley Brewery development far surpass our nearest rivals in terms of quality”.

Vanessa isn’t alone in her thinking, Patricia Anderson, Fairgrove Sales Advisor agrees but is also keen to share the lifestyle benefits these innovations bring to home buyers, Patricia comments: “this is the first time we’ve really been able to talk about how the fabric of a home can improve the way you live.  Yes, we can talk about room sizes, and upgrade options, but never before have we been able to invite customers to touch and feel the fabric of their property and consider how it will make positive improvements to the way they live.  It makes selling effortless, which exactly the sort of partnership we love.”

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Fairgrove Homes adopts a building better approach to win customers