Cherry Tree Homes builds better quality homes

Lincolnshire developer raises the fabric specification of their homes

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>>Well, we, we've been building on this site for three years and it started with phase 1 which was 30 houses which are all sold and occupied, and we're now developing phase 2, and immediately next door we've got some competition with another local builder and so we decided that we really ought to do something to try to differentiate ourselves from the competition, which is why we've partnered up with British Gypsum and we're trialling these new products which so far have been very successful. No other house builder in our region is using the Gyproc Habito boards, the Magnetic Thistle Plaster or the Silent Floor system, and all of those products go above and beyond building regulations. So to be able to package the three together and say, this is, this is the quality and the standard that we're building to is, is a unique selling point.

>>Well the, the Magnetic Plaster is very versatile from just putting notes and reminders and kids certificates on the wall in the kitchen for display rather than using the fridge, to the real benefit of being able to manoeuvre pictures any way you like on the wall and change your mind and reposition things. A lot of customers have moved from other new homes and have said to me, you know it's so easy to put a hole in the wall you know we have kids going on their skateboards and put in a great big hole in the in the corner of the wall, whereas obviously that doesn't happen with, with Habito boards. The Silent Floor system, I understand, is twice, you know, twice the current building regulations requirement for sound insulation between floors and when you’re downstairs watching TV at night time and the children are upstairs asleep, it just gives you the comfort to know that you're not going to wake them up and you're not going to disturb people which again is one of those issues that people are going to enjoy living in the house more which is what we're aiming for.

>>You know, we do try to pride ourselves on finishing things to a high standard and I think using these particular materials does help in getting that message across that you know we're going above and beyond what's expected of us by building regulations to try and deliver something to the end-user that's going to be better than the competition and better than the norm.

>>We see it as, as building a brand, we, we genuinely want to provide houses to our customers that are the best quality available in the area and, you know, the Habito boards do make life so much easier when you want to put up a shelf or put up a TV or hanging curtain poles and, you know, those are the things that make you enjoy living in a house in the long term so, you know, everybody loves a beautiful kitchen and the handmade kitchen and I think that those are the initially the things that draw customers in but I think the fact that we've given thought to these longer-term products, these lifestyle products makes the customer appreciate that we’re, we're trying to provide the best possible product for them and something that they're going to enjoy in the long term. The addition of the Magnetic Plaster and the Silent Floor and Habito, in addition to handmade kitchens and, and other features within the property have certainly made a difference to, to the reservations. So far on this scheme we've had a 100 percent reservation prior-to-build completion which is obviously what we're aiming for and I do genuinely think that that the British Gypsum products and our own specification upgrades have made a significant difference yeah.


The feedback Cherry Tree Homes has received on its two prime Lincolnshire developments has been fantastic. The properties are selling quickly and the finishing details go way beyond the expectation of local buyers.

Cherry Tree Homes is a family business that faces competition on the doorstep of many of its developments, so creating a legacy in Lincoln is an important part of its brand. Whether somebody is buying their first two-bedroom home, or moving up the property ladder into one of the bigger properties, the specification remains unchanged. All of the properties share the same quality fixtures and fittings - way above any other development locally. It’s an important part of the Cherry Tree brand to work with British Gypsum as a highly respected and trusted material supplier and there’s no question this partnership has helped the housebuilder sell homes more quickly. Building better homes has therefore become essential and the housebuilder differentiates itself from the competition by raising the fabric specification of its homes.

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