Site Ready Skimming Course

Levelling up new skimmers with experience, confidence and professional skills.

Our free, six-week Site Ready Skimming Course is the crucial step between a skimmer being trained and being site-ready.

It can be tricky to find high-quality recruits that can confidently approach a job, so we’ve designed our training to ensure development across every area.

Our course graduates come away with extensive on-the-tools experience, enhanced skills and a confident mindset to approach jobs in a professional way.

What you’ll learn on the course?

Across the six weeks, we’ll complete practical training that includes:

  • Straight flat wall application
  • Window wall, reveals & beading process (external angles)
  • Finishing internal angles (hard angle)
  • Services to flat and window walls (socket boxes, pipes, vents)
  • Use of tools including spats, speedskims and plastic trowels
  • Ceilings
  • Bulkhead to ceiling, splayed angle (wall), column/peer and curved wall
  • Working in small areas – cupboard, tight spaces, pipes, wires, acute angles – and the use of small tools

Are you looking to level up your staff? 

Our Site Ready Skimming Course helps new skimmers starting out in their career and provides the missing link between graduating college and being site-ready. Here the aim is to level up their skills with the experience, confidence and professionalism needed to make an immediate impact on site.

This course is for people who already have basic trowel skills and all trainees will have a pre-course practical assessment to ensure they have the required level of skills.

“Since completing the course Jack’s attitude towards work has changed for the better. His skills have really improved too, he is able to skim with confidence and the overall quality of his work is better, so I can trust him to do a job well.” 
Darryl, employer of a course graduate, Black Country Plastering

Are you looking to recruit talented skimmers?

Our industry is facing a shortage of skilled skimmers, and that in turn makes recruiting a challenge.

However, our confidence-boosting and skill-enhancing course means you can choose your latest recruit from a pool of high-quality skimmers. Each of them ready to make an immediate impact on site.

Here, young skimmers straight from college can get the hands-on skills and professional experience needed to be able to make an immediate impact on your projects.

“The British Gypsum skimming course has been revolutionary to Sterling Plastering's training processes and we are so grateful to British Gypsum. We cannot believe that in 6 weeks we had a team of site ready skimmers trained to an unbelievable standard.”
Jeff Murphy, employer of a course graduate, Sterling Plastering Ltd


The course is free of charge. The only associated cost is the labour commitment of your member of staff, as they work away from site for six weeks.

However, many contractors and employers have said their projects have benefitted immediately from this time investment.


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Site Ready Skimming Course for Plasterers, provided by British Gypsum

Site Ready Skimming Course

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