Internal Wall Insulation Courses

Improve your knowledge and practical skills in installing our BBA approved internal wall lining systems.

British Gypsum - IWI Install

If you are a TrustMark Approved installation business or working for a TrustMark Approved installation business and want to upskill your installers or yourself to install IWI to solid wall properties, British Gypsum is able to offer retrofit installers quality, professional training. 

Our Internal Wall Insulation course helps you to understand the installation process of our BBA approved systems, you can read more about what the course entails below. To find out dates and how to book onto the course, please contact your local Academy Manager for further information and to make a course booking.

DriLyner RF

DriLyner RF lining system provides a solution for fixing Gyproc ThermaLine thermally insulating plasterboard laminates directly to plastered masonry backgrounds using Gyproc Sealant. High levels of energy efficiency can be achieved.

DriLyner TL

DriLyner TL lining system provides a solution for fixing Gyproc ThermaLine thermally insulating plasterboard laminates directly to masonry backgrounds using gypsum adhesive dabs. High levels of energy efficiency can be achieved for both new and existing walls.

GypLyner IWL

GypLyner IWL independent wall lining is a lightweight, non-loadbearing system, which is built independently of the external wall construction. GypLyner IWL is particularly suitable for buildings where fixing into the background is difficult or not possible. The lining provides fire resistance and acoustic upgrades to structural steel sections clad with lightweight metal sheeting, and can also be used in within new or existing masonry walls to increase sound insulation and meet stringent thermal performance requirements.

GypLyner Universal

GypLyner Universal is a versatile lining system suitable for a wide range of installations, ranging from residential properties to large commercial developments. Simple to install, and compatible with the full range of British Gypsum boards, GypLyner Universal can be used to significantly improve performance levels in a refurbishment project, or equally for new build installations.

Please note, this one day course covers DriLyner RF and DriLyner TL. If you would like more detail on the other two systems, please contact us prior to booking.

Course Content

  • The differences between the systems and which to select in relation to the background condition of walls
  • The process for compliance to PAS 2030, 2035 and the responsibility on companies to have good quality management systems — Assessing backgrounds for the inclusion of perimeter seals to reduce air leakage from buildings
  • System installation
  • Thermal bridging at openings, and floor voids
  • Selecting the correct type and thickness of thermal boards
  • The process required to become carded on each specific system
  • The importance of customer service when work is being carried out by installers
  • Ventilation and moisture management, maintaining current ventilation and potential requirements to add ventilation to help control moisture within the building fabric.

Registered Installer Cards

Post training, installers can become members of our carded Registered Installer Scheme

To become carded, the attendee requires a site visit to see the system they were trained on being installed. This is done by our approved 3rd party inspectors. A separate fee will be charged for the on site inspection.

Cards are issued upon successful completion of an onsite Inspection. Onsite inspection include checking the correct British Gypsum products are being used, thermal bridges and air leakage have been minimised and importantly ventilation to the solid wall construction has been maintained or installed (if required by the retrofit design for the building). These inspections are required on an annual basis in order to maintain Registered Installer status

Please Allow 10 working days following a site visit for cards being sent out to companies.

Please note: It is possible to book the course without wanting to become a registered installer; in which case an on site assessment is not required.

Evidence towards qualifications

Courses can provide evidence towards Building Insulation treatments NVQ level 2 internal wall insulation.

Dates and booking

Please contact your local Academy Manager for further information and to make a course booking.

IWI Solutions

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Energy Saving Trust, Whitley Bay - Reduction in gas consumption by 37% giving a 1098kg reduction in CO2 emissions, saving the homeowner £269 over the year