ThistlePro finish coat performance plasters

Understand the application and types of backgrounds for ThistlePro Magnetic, ThistlePro DuraFinish and ThistlePro PureFinish in developing the skills to obtain a suitable surface finish for this specialist range of plasters

The course will cover

- Health and Safety including safe systems of work and risk assessments

- Working method and processes when skimming out rooms to new and existing backgrounds

- Application and working characteristics of ThistlePro Magnetic, Thistle DuraFinish and ThistlePro PureFinish

- Mixing ThistlePro plasters to the correct consistency for applying to walls

- Workmanship issues which can affect the surface finish of the different finish coat plasters

- Range of tools that can be used to carry out the plastering process


This course is available in 4 locations:

  • East Leake, Leicestershire
  • Kirkby Thore, Cumbria
  • Erith, Kent
  • Clevedon, North Somerset

Dates and booking

For more information please contact the Training Academy Team on 07792 249874 or email: