Advanced Pure Practical

Resellers can build on the knowledge gained by attending the Pure Practical course or experience in work.

The Advanced Pure Practical course will focus on building high performance systems correctly and what customers need to meet performance criteria in relation to sound insulation, fire protection and thermal insulation.

Attendees must have completed the Pure Practical course or have a number of years’ experience within the job role and completed our e-learning course

The course covers:

  • Fire protection and customer solutions for fire protection to steelwork
  • Areas of use for CasoLine MF ceilings, including Gyptone and Rigitone products and accessories
  • ThistlePro range of performance products
  • High performance partitions including ShaftWall, GypWall QUIET SF and deflection heads
  • CasoLine grid system

Work in the practical area will include:

  • CasoLine MF ceilings with Gyptone boards
  • Glasroc F FireCase
  • ShaftWall
  • GypWall partitions with a 15mm deflection head detail
  • ThistlePro range of performance products

Courses are available at:

  • Kirkby Thore, Cumbria
  • East Leake, Loughborough
  • Erith, Kent

Dates and booking

For more information please contact the Training Academy Team on 07792 249874 or email: