Frequently asked question

What is the fixing capability of Gyproc Habito? What is a safe working load for Gyproc Habito?

Our Gyproc Habito uses patent(s) pending technology to provide inbuilt fixing performance in plasterboard. A no. 10 woodscrew will provide a safe working load (SWL) of up to 15kg per fixing. We recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s guidance as to the number of fixtures required to mount a fixture. For example, if a TV weighs 15kg with its bracket and the bracket accepts four fixings, you should use four screws, even though this provides 60kg safe working load.

We also strongly recommend the use of a No. 10 woodscrew comprising of a single thread. Fixings with cross threads (for example those used for fixing chipboard) will reduce fixing performance of the board. You also need to ensure the woodscrew does not have a threadless shank (the thread needs to go all the way to the head of the screw).