Acting Sustainably

To act sustainably throughout our organisation, we know we need every single one of our colleagues on the journey with us.

We all have an important role to play in leaving behind a positive legacy for future generations, and together we can make a real difference. Each of us creates an impact on our environment as individuals, and collectively we all make an impact as part of our organisation.

We’ve invested in further training to increase engagement on our sustainability agenda and help improve our colleagues' understanding of the impacts we make.

We’re supporting our colleagues' efforts to reduce their carbon footprints by offering a hybrid model of home working to help reduce commuting. We also strongly encourage our team’s efforts to minimise the carbon footprint of business travel, by putting in place a revised travel policy and offering greater use of teleconferencing facilities.

Acting more sustainably when at shared British Gypsum locations is also paramount; reducing waste, water, office and site consumables for example.

We’re focussed on reducing the carbon footprint of our buildings at each site. Working towards net zero buildings, evaluating the energy renovations of existing buildings, greater use of in-situ renewables and the targeting of net zero new constructions where needed.

Looking after our colleagues' health and wellbeing will also help us build a strong internal sustainability culture. We recognise that leading by example in these areas will be essential to meet our sustainability goals.