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Our sustainability roadmap

The Saint-Gobain group aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. To contribute towards these objectives, we’ve developed our own roadmap to help us on our journey.

Our approach to sustainability focuses on three major areas: Carbon & Climate, Resources & Circularity, and Health & Wellbeing. Our ambition is to be a sustainability leader, and to focus on sustainability as a key driver for both growth and differentiation.

Our sustainability roadmap defines our short and medium term priorities to help support Saint-Gobain’s objectives on the road to carbon neutrality by 2050.

The Saint-Gobain group objectives set for 2025, and 2030, place CO2 at the very top of the agenda. Our own response to the CO2 challenge is at the very heart of our sustainability roadmap. We also recognise that our two additional priority areas of Resources & Circularity, and Health & Wellbeing, are closely interlinked. Increased circularity can help provide solutions to reduce the carbon footprint, and better environmental conditions can also have a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

Our sustainability priorities and objectives

Our roadmap priorities, objectives and action plans cover the following areas:

  • To act more sustainably: Engaging all our employees in our sustainability journey, building a strong internal sustainability culture, and leading by example.
  • To advocate for more sustainable markets: Being a thought leader, and driving market transformation towards more sustainable buildings by influencing public policies and supporting voluntary initiatives.
  • To offer more sustainable solutions: Developing more sustainable products, systems and services by considering sustainability impacts of our products and systems in the innovation process and providing relevant assessments of this impact.
  • To make our supply chain and operations more sustainable: Developing and delivering more sustainable solutions by reducing the environmental impacts of our manufacturing processes, purchases and transportations.

We’re also committed to educating all of our business partners on our sustainability approach. We welcome discussion and invite our partners to challenge us on what more we can do to continue to drive improvements in our sustainable business.