Reduces the need for pattressing

Gyproc Habito takes less time to install compared to the traditional method of board and plywood. 
By using just one product, in one layer, it makes management on site easier and frees up time, making those deadlines more comfortable.

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Gyproc Habito

With its enhanced robustness and durability Gyproc Habito is the ideal solution for retailers. It reduces the need for pre-planned, pre-installed patressing, which means interiors can be redesigned time and time again.

Gyproc Habito

The reduced need for patressing results in a faster installation time and fewer trades on site.

Gyproc Habito Durability  Durable and damage resistant

No Specialist fixings required No plugs or specialist fixings required

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Gyproc Habito in retail environments

With enhanced durability compared to standard plasterboard, walls are more resistant to damage and stay looking smarter for longer, perfect for brand conscious retailers who want to maintain a high quality image.

Gyproc Habito into retail

Gyproc Habito is tough enough to stand up to the frequent knocks and scrapes that occur in a busy retail unit. This means that the walls look better for longer, and the level of maintenance required, and potential 'down time' is reduced. 

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Smarter walls

Stronger durability for high traffic areas

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Damage resistant durable Gyproc Habito

Gyproc Habito is tough enough to stand up to the frequent knocks and scrapes that occur in a busy retail environment, for example from stock being moved. It offers a superior resistance to these everyday bangs. Reassuringly solid and dependably strong, you can actually feel how different Gyproc Habito is from standard plasterboard walls.

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