Wall Linings

Our versatile specifications cater for a range of wall and roof constructions, including-metal frame and traditional masonry.

We cover all wall lining applications, from high-performance solutions that meet thermal, acoustic, fire-protection or impact-resistance requirements.

Linings can be fully or partially independent of the structure, or can simply be bonded or plastered directly to a wall surface. These systems can be used in all types of buildings and are equally suited to both new-build and refurbishment work.


Please note that all British Gypsum Drylining systems are tested to the BS EN fire test standard. However we can continue to support your BS Standard Specifications project with remaining test evidence to BS 476. Please click here for more information.

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13 Solutions
Specification Sort descending Cavity / Offset (mm) - Min. Fire Integrity (mins) Fire Insulation (mins) Maximum Height (mm) Duty Rating Stud Centres (mm) Approx. weight kg/m2
B216003 (B) (EN) 30 30 30 3000 Severe 600 18
B216004 (B) (EN) 30 30 30 3300 Severe 600 21
B216005 (B) (EN) 30 30 30 3000 Severe 600 26
B216006 (B) (EN) 30 30 30 3300 Severe 600 31
B216025 (B) (EN) 30 60 30 2400 Medium 600 12
B216026 (B) (EN) 30 60 30 2700 Heavy 600 15
B216027 (B) (EN) 30 90 30 3000 Severe 600 23
B216028 (B) (EN) 30 90 30 3300 Severe 600 28
GIWL 60 I 50 PIR (A) (EN) 30 2400 600