Internal Partitions & Walls

A full range of lightweight partition systems

British Gypsum offers a full range of lightweight partition and walling systems. Standard systems are non-loadbearing and constructed using drylining techniques. British Gypsum metal framed partitions and walls can be used in all types of buildings including private housing, flats and apartments, commercial, institutional, recreational and industrial properties. They cover all applications, from simple space division through to high performance walls designed to meet the most demanding fire resistance, sound insulation, impact and height requirements.


Please note that all British Gypsum Drylining systems are tested to the BS EN fire test standard. However we can continue to support your BS Standard Specifications project with remaining test evidence to BS 476. Please click here for more information.

To see all Specifications that use a particular Product, please go to the Product page and look for the ‘Show me all specifications that use this product’ option.


To see all Specifications for a particular System, please go to the System page and look for the ‘Show all specifications for this system’ option.


Watch this short video to see how to use this EN Specification Selector and where you can still get details of our BS Specifications.


  • Thistle MultiFinish
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Sound Insulation (Airborne) Rw (dB)
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Specification Sort descending Partition Thickness (mm) Fire Integrity (mins) Fire Insulation (mins) Sound Insulation (Airborne) Rw (dB) Sound Insulation (Airborne) Rw + Ctr (dB) Maximum Height (mm) Duty Rating Stud Centres (mm) Approx. weight kg/m2
A206016S (A) (EN) 136 60 60 47 4200 Severe 600 42
A206016S (B) (EN) 136 60 60 47 4900 Severe 600 42
A206027S (A) (EN) 202 30 30 51 4200 Severe 600 35
A206027S (B) (EN) 202 30 30 51 7600 Severe 600 35
A206091S (EN) 202 120 120 51 4200 Severe 600 40
A206123S (EN) 202 120 120 52 4000 Severe 600 40
A206149S (EN) 202 60 60 52 4000 Severe 600 36
A206167S (EN) 136 90 90 52 4000 Severe 600 51
A206178S (A) (EN) 202 60 60 54 4200 Severe 600 43