Jonathan builds dream home with remodel

British gypsum helps revamp family home

Nestled on a quiet street in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, the Cherry family’s 1930s, semi-detached home has housed many a memory over the past ten years. So when the space no longer worked for them, they were reluctant to relocate and leave the home behind. 

Gyproc Habito and ThistlePro Magnetic plaster in Kitchen and living room conversion

Instead of putting the property on the market, the Cherry’s decided to use the existing structure to build their dream home by embarking on an extensive remodel which involved reorganising the interior layout and extending outwards. By redefining the original space, they were able to section off the open-plan living-dining area to create a cosy snug at the front of the house completely separate from the kitchen. 

“In the years we’d lived in the home, we hadn’t done much to change the style and layout. This was the chance to put our stamp on the space and turn it into the perfect family home. However, we were conscious of making the investment and disrupting our lives for the remodel, only to find we needed to do additional work further down the line. We wanted to create a home for a lifetime.” 

With this in mind, the design and the products specified were really important. “We didn’t want to cut corners with the finish,” Susannah continued. “We wanted quality products that meant the space was flexible, that way we could be sure every room would continue to work for us over time.”

Gyproc Habito and ThistlePro Magnetic plaster in Kitchen and living room conversion

Susannah sought the advice of many professionals to ensure the end result was exactly what she was looking for and would stay that way for years to come. She decided to use products from the British Gypsum Homeowner range, including Gyproc Habito and ThistlePro Magnetic.

Gyproc Habito is a plasterboard with a reinforced core, making it five times stronger than regular plasterboard. The product is installed in the same way as standard plasterboard but can support up to 15kg with a single no. 10 woodscrew. This super strength solution means homeowners can secure heavier items such as televisions, large paintings and mirrors to the wall without specialist fixings – meaning that items can easily be moved/removed without damaging walls. 

Talking about Gyproc Habito, Susannah said: “As a homeowner, you don’t really think about this kind of product because it’s not on show at the end, however the impact it has on the interior design is amazing. Putting up our artwork, for example, has been so simple because we haven’t had to bother with tricky fixings, we’ve just been able to use a screw and screwdriver - and we can easily make changes to the décor ourselves in the future as there’s no faff.

Gyproc Habito and ThistlePro Magnetic plaster in Kitchen and living room conversion

“We also used the plasterboard in the newly extended kitchen. Because it’s so much stronger than normal plasterboard, we could be much more flexible in the design of the kitchen. We weren’t limited by how much the walls could support so we didn’t have to make sacrifices. We could have the cupboards, shelves and appliances wherever we wanted without worrying about whether the walls could support the weight.”

The kitchen also features ThistlePro Magnetic, a plaster with properties that attract magnets. “Magnetic plaster is excellent! It’s so flexible, we can constantly change the design so it makes a great feature wall. At the moment we’re using it as a noticeboard, but we have lots of ideas for the future. We’re planning a picture wall where we can display all our family photos.”

Five months after the decision to remodel, the Cherry family has been able to make their house into a home for the future.

“We’re so happy with the end result. It’s a fantastic space and exactly what we were looking for. By using these innovative products we’ve been able to create a truly flexible home that gives us the freedom to play around with the design without any fuss.

“It’s great that we can change the space depending on how we use the rooms and we’re really looking forward to experimenting with it.”

Gyproc Habito and ThistlePro Magnetic plaster in Kitchen and living room conversion