Garage upgrade solves storage problems

A practical space saving family solution with Gyproc Habito

The garage at the Foros’ family home acts as an extension to the house and offers a storage space for any additional bits and pieces that cannot be accommodated in the home. With this in mind, Asimakis wanted to adapt his garage so that it would be equipped to offer a practical space saving solution.

His requirements meant that any plasterboard installed in the garage would need to be able to support a number of heavy duty hanging items. What’s more it must also offer a degree of flexibility when it comes to moving items around.  Asimakis managed to find both of these properties in Gyproc Habito a replacement for standard plasterboard.

Gyproc Habito from the British Gypsum Homeowner range, requires a professional dry liner to install it, but this is a quick and easy process. Once in situ, Asimakis was free to customise his garage to suit his and his family’s needs. The functionality of Gyproc Habito, which was a big draw for Mr Foros, meant that he could screw directly in the plasterboard to attach various items to the wall without the need for specialist fixtures or fittings.

In fact, Mr Foros has managed to attach a bike rack, which holds three bikes, to the wall with just four screws! In addition to its practical nature, he also found that the product offered a great finish and his walls looked superb.

Asimakis comments: “I am absolutely delighted with the end result. It makes it so much easier for me to take advantage of the space my garage offers. Gyproc Habito has definitely exceeded my expectations for a plasterboard.”

The nature of Gyproc Habito also allows Mr Foros a higher degree of flexibility. Not only can he easily attach anything he wants to the wall just using screws, but he can also move items around without worrying about damaging the plasterboard. Gyproc Habito is much more robust than standard plasterboard, something that is key when looking at creating a dedicated storage room.

With a full time job, and as the person in charge of DIY at home, Asimakis wanted a plasterboard that would save him time in the long run. A key selling point for him when it came to selecting his plasterboard was the fact that Gyproc Habito eradicates the need for specialist fixtures. He says: “Depending on the item you’re attaching to the wall you could need any number of fixtures or fittings, but with Gyproc Habito you just need screws and screwdrivers. This means you can attach items straight away without worrying about having to go the DIY shop to buy anything extra.”

Mr Foros is so happy with his garage that he is even considering installing Gyproc Habito in the rest of his house. He adds: “By using Gyproc Habito in the rest of my home it would make certain DIY tasks much simpler, especially when it comes to things like attaching curtain poles. With two kids at home it would also mean I wouldn’t need to worry about any wear and tear they may cause.”

British Gypsum Habito Solution