A family home fit for the future

Andrew Wilkins, Senior Product Manager at British Gypsum, shares a sneak preview of a Derbyshire self build.

One of the best things about my job is that I get the chance to take an inside look at some of the most creative and aspirational self build projects taking place around the country. Choosing to embark on a self build or major renovation is no small task and it’s always really inspiring to witness people investing their precious time, energy and passion into creating the home of their dreams.

Recently, I was given an insight into just this sort of project, when I visited seasoned self builder Jason Orme at his property near Burton-on-Trent.  As Editorial Director of Future Plc, the publishing house behind Homebuilding and Renovating magazine, and with a string of self builds already under his belt, Jason is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of managing your own build – but this latest undertaking is ambitious even by his standards.

Completely remodelling the 1960s brick property, the project is transforming it into a spacious and contemporary family home.  With the addition of a light-filled stairwell atrium, large kitchen extension and attractive external timber cladding, the result will be a modern, open plan living space that meets the needs of the Orme family now and in the future. 


Case Study - Gyproc Habito - Jason Orme
Planning to settle down in the property for the long term – and with two young children bombing around the place – Jason and his wife Sarah were keen to choose materials that will stand up to the inevitable knocks and bumps of family life.  Crucially, as veteran self builders, the couple recognised the importance of getting the specifications right first time, knowing that their decisions regarding the internal walls would be with them for the lifetime of the property.  

Therefore, taking a fabric first approach that incorporates the most robust products available was the obvious course of action.  After consulting with his plasterer, Jason opted to use Gyproc Habito plasterboard for the internal lining solution, as it will offer greater durability and better impact resistance than standard product specifications.

Designed to stand the test of time, Gyproc Habito’s strong surface enables homeowners to fix heavy items such as shelves, curtain poles, TVs, mirrors and cabinets, without the need for drills or specialist fixings. Indeed Gyproc Habito can support up to 15kg, fixed directly to the wall using only a standard wood screw. 
For Jason, this means his walls will continue to look pristine for many years to come – and after all the effort that goes into building the dream home, this is welcome news indeed.

Jason Orme Habito Future Home

For more on this project, stay tuned to the blog where Jason will be sharing his insights, experience and progress updates.