Find a Plasterer FAQ

What does ‘Certified’ mean?

The term ‘Certified’ refers to members whose work has been formally assessed by qualified British Gypsum Plaster Demonstrators. The plasterer has met all criteria required by British Gypsum to become a British Gypsum Certified Plasterer including proof of liability insurance, work assessment, agreement to the British Gypsum Certified Plasterer code of conduct and agreement to twice yearly site visits by a Plaster Demonstrator. Please note British Gypsum does not guarantee the work of Certified Scheme Members, all works should be covered by the member’s public liability insurance.

Do you guarantee Certified Plasterers’ work?

No. British Gypsum Certified Plasterers guarantee their own work for up to two years and have sufficient liability insurance. If you are unhappy with the work or service provided by the Certified Plasterer, you should make a complaint directly to them.


In the event of a complaint, British Gypsum is not liable for any poor workmanship and or service received. You should initially make the complaint direct to the Certified Plasterer, if it cannot be resolved, an independent assessment can be arranged. From the outcome of an independent assessment, British Gypsum will consider whether performance management is required and whether the plasterer should remain a member of the scheme.