QUB is a simple overnight test that provides you with certified evidence that your homes are performing as designed.

What is QUB?

QUB is the new solution to measuring the ‘Thermal Performance gap’. New build dwellings are falling short of the thermal performance set out in their design, partly because there was no solution for testing these dwellings - until now.

Why use QUB?

Using QUB will ensure your buildings meet the thermal performance standards stated in their design. Simple and commercially viable, the test can be conducted overnight in an unoccupied dwelling and will provide you with certified evidence that the home performs as stated in its design.

QUB delivers so much more

Using QUB will give you peace of mind as to the quality and performance of the homes you build. QUB provides the following:

  • Certification that as-built homes achieve thermal standards and comply with design specifications.
  • A simple overnight pre-handover test of an unoccupied dwelling.
  • Measurement and validation of thermal performance at speed and at scale.
  • An extended mode for measuring and validating the U-values of elements such as glass, walls, floors and ceilings.

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