Thistle Multi-Finish

Thistle MultiFinish

To provide a plaster skim finish on most common backgrounds including undercoat plasters and plasterboard.

Suitable for application by hand or mechanical plastering machines Thistle Multi Finish to finish most common backgrounds including undercoat plasters and plasterboard as well as smooth concrete. Coverage based on 2mm thickness. Supplied in full pallets only on non-returnable wooden pallets. Nominal pack weight 25kg bags. Conforms to EN 13279-1.

Designed to be the most versatile finish coat plaster 

This versatile final coat plaster provides good results on most suction backgrounds. Thistle MultiFinish is the choice for plasterers working on both undercoats and board backgrounds on the same job.  Its flexibility also makes it an ideal choice for small repair jobs and patching.


BES6001, CE marked

BES 6001

  • Suitable for application by hand or mechanical plastering machines 
  • Setting time for Thistle MultiFinish is 90 minutes. 
  • Coverage at 2mm thickness is 10m2 per 25kg bag 
  • Skimming with Thistle MultiFinish adds additional sound insulation to many of the GypWall Classic systems up to 2dB.
Order CodeNominal bag weight (kg)Approx coverage (m²)Approx setting time (hours)Shelf life (months)


Coverage is based on 2mm thickness.

When using Thistle MultiFinish can I paint wet plaster?

Yes as long as the paint is permeable which will allow the plaster to dry out.

Can I plaster straight onto a painted wall?

Plastering on existing painted walls is possible if the paint is in very good condition.

Can I apply Thistle MultiFinish to sand & cement undercoats?

Thistle MultiFinish would be suitable although suction may need to be controlled (e.g. with Thistle GypPrime).

Can you skim an MR grade board?

Yes, however the board usually needs to be primed with ThistleBond-It.

What is the minimum temperature that Thistle plaster can be used at?

We recommend 2°C (5°C for ThistlePro DuraFinish and Thistle DriCoat) as the minimum working temperature in which plaster should be applied. It is important that the temperature does not drop below 0°C during application or in the setting and drying phase.

What thicknesses are plasters applied?

Undercoat plasters are usually 11mm and most finish coat plasters are 2mm thick.

Did you know? There is a gypsum finish plaster specially formulated for increased resistance to accidental damage.

ThistlePro DuraFinish enables significantly longer maintenance intervals and lower long-term cost

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