RD Party Wall Roll acoustic insulation for use with approved Robust Details to exceed requirements of approved Document E

RD Party Wall Roll

Isover RD Party Wall Roll is an acoustic insulation used to reduce the passage of sound across a party wall. Isover RD Party Wall Roll is a medium density glass mineral wool roll designed to meet the requirements of Building Regulations (England & Wales) Approved Document (AD) E and (Scotland) Technical Standard Section 5.

Isover RD Party Wall has been tested and approved for use in many of the Separating Walls / Masonry Robust Details.

Isover RD Party Wall Roll is supplied in a 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm thickness. The strong, resilient and flexible rolls are ready-cut to 2x455mm to fit between standard wall tie spacing.

ProductOrder CodeThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Pallet Area (m²)Pack Area (m²)Units Per Pack
RD Party Wall Roll - 75mm5200625584752 x 4558500216.727.7428
RD Party Wall Roll - 100mm52006255851002 x 4556000152.885.4628
RD Party Wall Roll - 125mm52006255931252 x 4555000127.404.5528
RD Party Wall Roll - 150mm52006255921502 x 4554000101.923.6428