Thistle Essential plasters

Our Thistle Essential range meets your everyday plaster needs. From finish coats to undercoats, the range contains all the variants you need to 2-coat plaster

Finish coat plasters

Thistle MultiFinish is a versatile skim plaster for finishing most plaster and plasterboard backgrounds

Thistle BoardFinish is designed for low to medium suction backgrounds, especially plasterboard

Thistle SprayFinish is designed to work with worm pump spray machines and is ideal for low to medium suction backgrounds

Undercoat plasters

Thistle BondingCoat is an ideal base coat plaster for smooth or low suction backgrounds

Thistle HardWall has high impact resistance for most masonry backgrounds.

Thistle DriCoat is a cement-based undercoat plaster for re-plastering after the installation of a damp-proof course

One coat plaster

Thistle Universal OneCoat is suitable for many backgrounds. It levels backgrounds like an undercoat and smooths to a quality finish