Gyptone Quattro 50

Gyptone Quattro 50

A Class C sound absorber which matches Gyptone quattro planks and boards. 18% perforated area.

Pre-finished white tiles and planks with square perforations, backed by special sound absorbent tissue.


  • Class C sound absorber
  • 18% perforated area
  • Activ'Air now available in all Gyptone boards, E15 and A-edge tiles.
Order CodeWidth (mm)Length (mm)Depth (mm)ClassAW (max - L, LM)NRCFire RatingEdge Type
28260/760060010C0.450.50A2-S1, d0A
28261/460060010C0.450.50A2-S1, d0E15
27516/660060012.5C0.450.50A2-S1, d0D1