Gyproc Sealant

Gyproc Sealant

Used for forming a seal to minimise any potential air gaps in our systems to maintain optimum acoustic performance.

An acrylic sealant and adhesive used for sealing air gaps in British Gypsum systems to maintain optimum acoustic performance. Also used for fixing Gyproc plasterboards in the DriLyner RF system, and Gyproc ThermaLine laminates in the DriLyner TL system. Conforms to EN 15651-1.

Product NameOrder CodeDimensionsQuantity
Gyproc Sealant27143/40.60 litres per cartridge12 cartridges in carton

Why use Gyproc Sealant?

Our Gyproc Sealant is used for sealing small gaps in the construction, reducing air-leakage and optimising sound insulation performance.