British Gypsum - Gyproc LevelLine

Gyproc LevelLine corner tape

A 70mm wide corner tape that’s durable and easy to apply

Gyproc LevelLine is a co-polymer core corner tape with a built-in flexible hinge that fits to any internal or external corner angle on walls or ceilings. Gyproc LevelLine can withstand severe impacts reducing call backs or repairs. As well as preventing cracks from forming in the future, Gyproc LevelLine corner tape can be used to repair existing cracks without extensive repairs. It is quick, safe and easy to install due to its metal-free polymer composition.

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An extra tough joint reinforcement that can withstand severe impacts, reducing the need for repairs. 


The high strength co-polymer core offers uniform structural bonding which prevents cracks, blows and dents. This means corners won’t dent or separate from the wall, withstanding any significant shifting due to settling and, drying, or temperature and humidity variations.

Hides irregular framing

The 70mm width hides any irregular framing and improves the finish quality.

Less filler required

Less filling material is required to stick onto the walls due to the strength of the product, saving you on the cost of materials.

Easy to install

Gyproc LevelLine can be installed using the same method as traditional corner tape. Gyproc LevelLine eliminate pre-creasing, saving valuable installation time.


The memory-free hinge can hold the desired angle and make it easier to adjust for both internal and external corners. Creating straight lines has never been easier.

No rusting

The co-polymer core and paper means there is no chance of rusting.

Product NameOrder CodeDimensions
Gyproc LevelLine30398/230m length