Gyproc Habito Corners

Gyproc Habito Corners

High-strength, flexible tape to perfectly fit any angle

Gyproc Habito Corners is a flexible corner tape that has a memory-free hinge, which eliminates pre-creasing or pre-measuring to easily fit any inside or outside corner angle. Suitable for plastering, it makes raked angles a breeze by providing a straight line every time. 

Faced with a low-friction paperboard backed with joint tape paper, the high-strength co-polymer core offers a strong, uniform surface and will not split or dent. 

The main benefits are: 

Robust – will cut call-backs through corner tape performance shortfall 

Familiar – Gyproc Habito Corners installs just like standard corner tape 

Flexible – used in both inside and outside corner angles

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Product NameOrder CodeDimensionsQuantity
Gyproc Habito Corners29701/4Length 30m10 rolls per box 20.4 Kgs weight per box

Can I cut a bit out if it gets damaged?

Yes, in the unlikely event that Gyproc Habito Corners is severely damaged and cannot be recoated, small sections can be removed with a sharp retractable knife. Installing a new piece is as simple as measure, cut, bed and re-coat as normal

Can I do raked angles or internal corners?

Gyproc Habito Corners is great for both internal and external angles, and really excels on long raked angles by providing a perfect straight line to work to due to its pre-formed hinge.

Can I staple it?

Yes, Gyproc Habito Corners can be applied like any normal tape.

How much is it?

Ask your local merchant for a price: drylining subcontractors typically replace over 10% of all installed corners due to damage after install, so using Gyproc Habito Corners could save you money

Is it indestructible?

Sorry, but that word can only be used when talking about fictional Super Heroes and ancient mobile phones. In impact tests, Gyproc Habito Corners was shown to be more resilient than all traditional methods of corner finishing, resisting direct and glancing blows. Gyproc Habito Corners resists oversanding, and framing movement too. 

Is it self-adhesive like Gyproc AquaBead?

No, Gyproc Habito Corners applies just like traditional corner tape; by bedding in with your choice of filler, smoothing down and finishing in the traditional way

What can I cut it with?

Gyproc Habito Corners may be cut with most normal cutting tools including scissors, snips, power saws or retractable craft knives

How to install Gyproc Habito Corners