Artex - EasiFiller 2.5L

Gyproc ready mixed EasiFiller

Gyproc EasiFiller is a multi-purpose ready mixed wall and ceiling filler. It’s perfect for making general repairs to plaster and plasterboard, such as filling holes and covering small cracks.

Why use Gyproc EasiFiller?

Our multi-purpose ready mixed filler is:

  • Quick and simple to use – apply it straight from the tub!
  • Ideal for most indoor surfaces, including plaster, plasterboard and concrete
  • Designed to give you a fine, ultra-smooth finish
  • Easy to sand smooth
  • Ideal for painted surfaces

How to use our ready mixed wall filler

Ready for ultra-smooth surfaces? First remove any dust from holes and cracks to help the filler stick. Then apply it in 3-5mm layers using a filling knife. Apply as many layers as you need until you have a smooth, even finish.

Do you need to fill extra deep holes or cracks? See our EasiFiller Light. if you need to cover a large area, take a look at our EasiFiller Finish.

  • Apply in 3-5mm layers
  • Dries white
  • Available in 1L, 2.5L and 5L tubs
Product NameOrder Code
Gyproc Ready Mixed EasiFiller 1L 5200854788
Gyprioc Ready Mixed EasiFiller 2.5L 5200854868
Gyproc Ready Mixed EasiFiller 5L 5200854870