British Gypsum - DriWall Adhesive

Gyproc DriWall Adhesive

A general purpose gypsum based adhesive for dab fixing Gyproc plasterboards

A general purpose gypsum based adhesive for use in British Gypsum DriLyner systems, on high, medium or low suction backgrounds.

  • Up to 90 minutes working time
  • 4 month shelf life
  • Available in 25kg bags from builders’ merchants
  • Conforms to EN 14496

Product NameOrder CodeNominal bag weight (kg)Approx setting time (hours)Shelf life (months)
Gyproc DriWall Adhesive09469/92534


Coverage: Average 2 boards per bag*

*based on 25mm dabs at 20% contact between board and background

How much Gyproc DriWall Adhesive will I need?

Each bag will fix approximately 2 boards when using the DriLyner system.

How do I dot & dab plasterboard to concrete columns and walls?

The DriLyner BASIC system is ideal for concrete surfaces that are stable and free of release agents.

For smooth concrete surfaces, use Thistle Bond-It to provide a key for the Gyproc DriWall Adhesive. Use a roller to apply it in bands where the adhesive will be applied; you will be able to see it while dot and dabbing as it’s green in colour.

The concrete background should be reasonably dry and protected from the weather. Brush it down to remove dust before applying Thistle Bond-It or adhesive.

You can use Gyproc Sealant as an alternative to drywall adhesive when working on smooth concrete backgrounds. This also helps to minimise air gaps between boards, improving acoustic and thermal performance. Apply it to the perimeter of the wall, and around any service penetrations or openings.

For more advice on dot and dabbing, see our in-depth article. You can also refer to the DriLyner section of our Site Book for specific installation guidance.

What is the shelf life of Gyproc DriWall Adhesive?

Gyproc DriWall Adhesive has a shelf life of 4 months when stored correctly.

How long after mixing can I use Gyproc DriWall Adhesive?

Up to 90 minutes from mixing with clean water. After this point any excess should be responsibility disposed of and a fresh mix made. Gyproc DriWall Adhesive reaches full set after approximately three hours.

How much water will I need to mix Gyproc DriWall Adhesive?

Gyproc DriWall Adhesive requires approximately 15.5L of clean water to a 25kg bag.

What is the article number for Gyproc DriWall Adhesive?


How many Gyproc DriWall Adhesive bags are there on a pallet?