Gyproc AquaBead

Gyproc AquaBead

Water-activated adhesive bead for tough corners, installed fast

Gyproc AquaBead is a revolutionary 90 degree angle corner bead. It features water-activated adhesive to provide a superior bond directly to drywall, making installation easy – just spray and stick. The high-strength polymer core withstands impacts to prevent dents and cracks as well as eliminating the need for staples, screws, spray adhesives or messy compounds for bedding.

We compared Gyproc AquaBead to standard corner tape and the results shown below were achieved: 

Faster – 37.5% increase in productivity  

Stronger – 38% reduction in impact damage 

Easier – 33% decrease in number of coats

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Product NameOrder CodeDimensionsQuantity
Gyproc AquaBead 250029387/0250050 Sticks per carton 9kgs weight per carton
Gyproc AquaBead 270029388/7270050 Sticks per carton 10kgs weight per carton
Gyproc AquaBead 300029389/4300050 Sticks per carton 12kgs weight per carton

Can I cut a bit out if it gets damaged?

Yes, in the unlikely event that Gyproc AquaBead is severely damaged and cannot be recoated, small sections can be removed with a sharp retractable knife. Installing a new piece is as simple as measure, cut, spray, stick and re-coat as normal

Can I do raked angles or internal corners?

Gyproc AquaBead is for 90˚ external corners only.

Can I soak / dunk it in water? Can I apply the water with a brush or sponge?

For the best adhesion, water should only be applied with a sprayer. By soaking, or using a brush or sponge on Gyproc AquaBead, the paper could become oversaturated, or the glue could be removed.

Do I need to wet it if I bed in with filler?


The corner I am finishing is wavy / not straight. How can I use Gyproc AquaBead?

Where the drylining is too far from straight to simply stick on, Gyproc AquaBead can be bedded or stapled into place to form a perfect 90˚ angle.

What can I cut it with?

Gyproc AquaBead may be cut with most normal cutting tools including scissors, snips, power saws or retractable craft knives

Can I staple it?

Yes, Gyproc AquaBead can be applied like any normal bead: where the background is poor, it can be bedded in like tape, or stapled like a metal bead, without any need for spraying first

How much is it?

Ask your local merchant for a price: drylining subcontractors typically replace over 10% of all installed corners due to damage after install, and Gyproc AquaBead is 37.5% faster to use - so using AquaBead could save you money

Is it indestructible?

Sorry, but that word can only be used when talking about fictional Super Heroes and ancient mobile phones. In impact tests, Gyproc AquaBead was shown to be more resilient than all traditional methods of corner finishing, resisting direct and glancing blows. Gyproc AquaBead resists over-sanding, and framing movement too. 

How to install Gyproc AquaBead

Gyproc AquaBead Overview