Gypframe 'I' Studs

Gypframe 70 I 50 'I' Studs

These studs are the strongest available in the Gypframe range. They allow for increased partition height, without increasing partition width, and provide improved impact resistance.

Commonly used in ShaftWall, GypLyner IWL, GypWall QUIET IWL and other GypWall systems where board fixing strength is paramount. Structural apertures are also spaced along the spine of the Gypframe ‘I’ Stud, providing easy routing of services through a partition. Conforms to EN 14195.

BES 6001

Product NameOrder CodeLength (mm)
70 I 50 'I' Stud09677/83600
70 I 50 'I' Stud09674/74200


Bespoke lengths are available for all listed products.

How do you build a fire-rated partition where access is limited to one side only?

Our ShaftWall system is designed for this application.

How do you extend the length of Gypframe metal stud?

This can be achieved by ‘splicing’ two studs together with an overlap of 600mm minimum, then fixing together using Wafer Head Drywall Screws (two to each flange). Please refer to White Book Chapter 04 Section 01 Page 07 which includes details for Gypframe ‘C’ studs, AcouStuds and ‘I’ studs.