Gypframe GL1 Lining Channel

Gypframe GL1 Lining Channel

This range of channels and accessories is designed to aid the installation of plasterboard linings on masonry walls, concrete soffits, timber joists and the encasement of steel columns and beams.

Channels conform to EN 14195.

Product NameOrder CodeDimensionsQuantity
GL1 Lining Channel 2400mm04665/02400mm10
GL1 Lining Channel 2700mm04668/12700mm10
GL1 Lining Channel 3000mm04671/13000mm10
GL1 Lining Channel 3600mm04667/43600mm10
GL8 Track09040/03600mm10
GL2 Bracket04704/6195mmBox of 100
GL3 Channel Connector04694/0-Box of 50
GL6 Timber Connector09004/2170mmBox of 100
GL9 Bracket09179/7295mmBox of 100
GL9 Bracket 295mmBag of 16
GL10 GypLyner Steel Framing Clips09416/3-Box of 100
GL11 GypLyner Anchors09234/3-Box of 100
GL12 GypLyner Bracket10251/6395mmBox of 100
MF10 Channel04295/92100mm, 2800mm10


For further system information, please see the GypLyner UNIVERSAL system