Glasroc H TileBacker

Glasroc H TileBacker

Non-combustible glass-reinforced gypsum plasterboard with a water resistant pre-primed acrylic coating to receive tiling.

Water resistant, Class A1 and Class 0, suitable as a tile backing board in areas subject to high levels of moisture.

Glasroc H Tilebacker provides outstanding performance as a tile backing board and in environments where there is frequent exposure to water and moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms, shower cubicles and wet rooms. The yellow pre-primed acrylic surface resists water, protecting the background and system, whilst providing an optimum surface key for direct tiling or decoration.

  • 12.5mm for walls and 6mm for floors
  • Yellow face
  • White reverse side
  • Available in square edge and in full pallets only
  • Packed on wooden pallets and covered with a plastic hood.
  • Thermal Conductivity 0.30W/mK
  • Conforms to EN 15283-1


What makes Glasroc H Tilebacker the best choice for you?

A lightweight, easy to cut and easy to fix board.

  • Pre-primed for tiling
  • High water resistance
  • Up to a third lighter
  • Faster to install
  • Mould resistant
  • Compatible with British Gypsum systems
  • Performance guaranteed
  • Good fire and acoustics
  • The sustainable choice - fully recyclable

6mm board

Order Code Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/m²) Edge Type R value
28517/2 1200 900 5.74 S/E 0.02
28515/8 1200 2400 5.74 S/E 0.02

12.5mm board

Order Code Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/m²) Edge Type R value
27696/5 1200 900 9.8 S/E 0.04
27693/4 1200 2400 9.8 S/E 0.04
27690/3 1200 2700 9.8 S/E 0.04
27691/0 1200 3000 9.8 S/E 0.04

What board is recommended for ceramic tiling?

Generally for domestic applications use Moisture Resistant (MR) grade Gyproc plasterboards and for heavier use applications our Glasroc H TILEBACKER.

Can Gyproc plasterboard linings be used in swimming pools and commercial showers?

Yes, if specific guidance is followed.

Can you skim Glasroc H TileBacker?

If there is a requirement for plastering the boards, the smooth face of Glasroc H TileBacker can be plastered with either

Thistle BoardFinish, Thistle MultiFinish or ThistlePro DuraFinish, in conjunction with Thistle Bond-it. There should be the minimum of delay between completion of the lining and the commencement of plastering.

Glasroc H TileBacker - Overview

Glasroc H TileBacker - Installation