Glasroc F FireCase

Glasroc F FireCase

Non-combustible glass-reinforced gypsum plasterboard giving up to 120 minutes fire protection.

Glasroc F FireCase is a high performance, Class A1 and Class 0, non-combustible glass reinforced gypsum board, used predominately as part of the FireCase frameless structural steel encasement system, giving up to 120 minutes fire protection. Also used in the GypLyner ENCASE system, achieving up to 180 minutes fire protection.

Non-combustible Glasroc F boards, developed using paper-free glass fibre technology, provide the basis for a range of steel encasement and specialist lining systems. These offer quick and simple installation, and measurable performance for maximum protection and safety. The high impact resistance and moisture tolerance properties of Glasroc F make it suitable for installation in semi-exposed areas before the building envelope is complete, saving cost and time on major projects. Glasroc F performance has enhanced moisture resistant performance, now reaching H1 moisture absorption.

  • White face
  • White reverse side
  • Available in square edge and in full pallets only
  • Packed on wooden pallets and covered with a plastic hood
  • Complies with BBA 93/2935
  • Thermal Conductivity 0.30W/mK
  • Conforms to EN 15283-1

15mm board

Order Code Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/m²) Edge Type R value
26555/6 1200 2400 12.8 S/E 0.05

20mm board

Order Code Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/m²) Edge Type R value
25697/4 1200 2000 17.0 S/E 0.07

25mm board

Order Code Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/m²) Edge Type R value
25698/1 1200 2000 21.3 S/E 0.08

30mm board

Order Code Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/m²) Edge Type R value
25689/9 1200 2000 25.5 S/E 0.10


For more information on specialist fixings, please refer to 'Finishing and fixing products'.

How do you fire protect structural steel sections?

We offer the FireCase system or the GypLyner ENCASE system to form an encasement around the beam or column.

How do you protect a steel column within a masonry wall

Our FireCase system using Glasroc F FireCase board can be used to fire protect partially exposed steel columns within a masonry wall.

How much space is required to encase steel sections?

With our FireCase frameless encasement system it could be only the Glasroc F FireCase board width itself (e.g. minimum 15mm). Our GypLyner ENCASE system requires more space due to the metal framework.