Collated Drywall Screws

British Gypsum Collated Drywall Screws

Corrosion resistant self-tapping steel screws for fixing board to metal framing less than 0.8mm thick.

Strips of 50 collated drywall screws supplied in boxes of 1000 screws (20 strips). Designed for fixing plasterboard to Gypframe ‘C’ Studs (and associated framing) less than 0.8mm thick, Gypframe ‘I’ Stud framing less than 0.6mm thick and board to timber supports. Conforms to EN 14566.


For use with Gypframe metal framing less than 0.8mm gauge ('I' studs less than 0.6mm gauge). For thicker gauges of Gypframe use British Gypsum Jack-Point Screws.


Ensure a minimum penetration of 10mm into metal framing or 25mm into the timber substrate, through the board.

Additional Information

Complies with BS EN 14566, the European standard relating to drywall fixings.

Order CodeSize (mm)Max Board Thickness (mm)Quantity
29244/62515 (metal) N/A (timber)1000
29245/33525 (metal) 10 (timber)1000
29230/94030 (metal) 15 (timber)1000
29246/04535 (metal) 20 (timber)1000
29247/75040 (metal) 25 (timber)1000
30382/15545 (metal) 30 (timber)1000

What screw lengths do I use for fixing to metal & timber?

The screw should be the thickness of the board plus a minimum 10mm penetration into Gypframe metal or the thickness of the board plus a minimum 25mm penetration into timber using our British Gypsum screws. Please refer to the SITE BOOK for more information.