CasoLine Quick-Lock Grid - Cross Tee 24/38 - CLT24D101

CasoLine Quick-Lock Grid - 24/38

Lay-in butt-cut grid system with 'hook-on' cross Tees with exposed white flanges, for use with Gyprex and all Gyptone tile types and Gyptone planks.

All components conform to EN 13964. Colour: Snow White (approx. RAL9016).

Product NameOrder CodeLength (mm)
Cross Tee CLT24D10127983/6600
Cross Tee 24/3827987/4600
Cross Tee 24/3827988/11200

Which tiles go in which grids?

Our E15 edge tiles are installed in our CasoLine QUICK LOCK T15 lay in grid. E24 edge tiles are installed in our CasoLine QUICK LOCK T24 lay in grid. Our A edge tiles can be installed in either of these CasoLine QUICK LOCK systems.

How do I get a 30 minute fire protection to structural steel beams supporting a concrete floor from a lay in suspended ceiling?

Our Gyprex Satinspar tiles are all capable of achieving 30-minute fire protection to BS476-Pt 23: 1987 if installed in specific CasoLine lay-in grid systems.