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Gyproc WallBoard 12.5mm

Create flawless walls and ceilings with our classic gypsum plasterboard.
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Gyproc Wallboard 12.5mm helps keep rooms safe, comfortable and attractive.

Used in single or multiple layers, this board offers a fast, simple and effective solution for drylining new and existing backgrounds in a wide range of buildings and applications.

Because it's straightforward to install, it's the ideal choice for DIYers.

Key facts

  • Reduces noise
  • Resists fire to allow more time for evacuation
  • Use in multiple layers for added performance
  • Provides a smooth surface ready for finishing
  • Fully recyclable
  • Quick and easy to install in British Gypsum systems


Product performance


Standards Standard types
StandardsEN 520:2004+A1:2009,Gypsum plasterboards. Definitions, requirements and test methods Standard typesType A,Plasterboard with a face to which suitable gypsum plasters or decoration may be applied.


Articles information
Name UC EAN code Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
Name01826/8 UC EAN code5200001826 Thickness (mm)12.5 Width (mm)900 Length (mm)2400
Name01015/6 UC EAN code5200001015 Thickness (mm)12.5 Width (mm)900 Length (mm)1800
Name01529/8 UC EAN code5200001529 Thickness (mm)12.5 Width (mm)900 Length (mm)2400
Name01755/1 UC EAN code5200001755 Thickness (mm)12.5 Width (mm)900 Length (mm)1800
Name01190/0 UC EAN code5200001190 Thickness (mm)12.5 Width (mm)1200 Length (mm)2500
Name11168/6 UC EAN code5200011168 Thickness (mm)12.5 Width (mm)1200 Length (mm)2500
Name01125/2 UC EAN code5200001125 Thickness (mm)12.5 Width (mm)1200 Length (mm)2700
Name01073/6 UC EAN code5200011274 Thickness (mm)12.5 Width (mm)1200 Length (mm)3600
Name01129/0 UC EAN code5200001129 Thickness (mm)12.5 Width (mm)1200 Length (mm)2400
Name29416/7 UC EAN code5200029416 Thickness (mm)12.5 Width (mm)1200 Length (mm)2300
Name01048/4 UC EAN code5200001048 Thickness (mm)12.5 Width (mm)1200 Length (mm)3000
Name01486/4 UC EAN code5200001486 Thickness (mm)12.5 Width (mm)1200 Length (mm)3000
Name01260/0 UC EAN code5200001260 Thickness (mm)12.5 Width (mm)1200 Length (mm)2700
Name01810/7 UC EAN code5200001810 Thickness (mm)12.5 Width (mm)1200 Length (mm)2400


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