Acoustic ceilings

CasoLine Quick-Lock Shadowline Moulding CLSM04

Create corridors that look and sound great while providing easy access to services.
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This acoustic corridor ceiling system combines modern looks with excellent sound control, and makes it much easier to access plenum services.

It uses Gyptone Plank to absorb noise, making sounds like conversation clearer. The planks come in a range of classic designs, and are easy to paint to match any interior.

We can manufacture the system to fit the width of your corridor, making it quick and easy to install. There's no need for hangers or soffit supports for spans up to 2.4 metres, meaning no more struggling with suspension wires when trying to access services. The system is supported by wall-mounted mouldings, so you can simply remove panels or whole sections of ceiling by hand for quick access.

Key facts

  • Quick to install with simple wall profiles and cross tees
  • We can manufacture the system to fit the width of your corridor for hassle-free fitting
  • It's easy to remove planks for access to services
  • Makes acoustics clearer
  • Choose from a range of modern plank designs


Standards Standard types
StandardsEN 13964:2014,Suspended ceilings. Requirements and test methods Standard types


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Name28009/2 UC EAN code5200028009


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1 datasheet related with the product