Thistle plasters

Thistle plasters produce a high quality surface that’s tough and durable

A skim plaster finish not only provides a better finish, it is also more robust, providing additional resistance to damage in high traffic areas or rooms subject to greater wear and tear. ThistlePro DuraFinish provides additional resistance to accidental damage, glancing impacts and repeated abrasion, which can cause scratching, gouging or chipping of other wall finishes.

ThistlePro DuraFinish

Using ThistlePro DuraFinish gives scope to enhance the abrasion resistance of any British Gypsum partition or wall system via a skim plaster finish, providing up to 60% tougher resistance to accidental damage. This makes it ideal for high-traffic areas including corridors, stairwells and canteens in healthcare, leisure, social housing, education or office buildings. ThistlePro DuraFinish can provide an excellent alternative to heavy-duty reinforcements - These are expensive to purchase and install and, as our research shows, often don't protect the whole area from damage.

ThistlePro DuraFinish

Key benefits

  • 60% more hardwearing than standard plaster
  • Excellent resistance to accidental damage - Retains wall appearance for longer
  • Good adhesion to existing ‘sound’ wall surfaces with no pre-treatment preparation
  • Can be used on plasterboard or undercoat plasters, or for replastering and repair work on previously finished walls

A rigorous programme of testing - proof that ThistlePro DuraFinish really performs

As a totally unique product, we needed to prove that ThistlePro DuraFinish really does protect against accidental damage.

So we created a programme of tests designed to put the product through its paces. We even went to the extremes of developing our own tests to simulate glancing blows and key scratches. The result? ThistlePro DuraFinish more than makes the grade:

  1.  ‘The glancing impact’
  2. 60% Improvement - This highly realistic test was created by our experts specifically to simulate a glancing blow using a trolley.

  3.  ‘Scratch resistance’
  4. - Elcometer

    A standard test using a loaded point which allowed us to produce same scratch repeatedly. There was a 60% improvement when using ThistlePro DuraFinish.


    - Key test

    When using ThistlePro DuraFinish: We carried out two variants of this test. In the first we calibrated the equipment to produce a visible mark in ThistlePro DuraFinish - the results in regular plaster were extremely destructive. In the second we calibrated the equipment to produce a scratch in regular plaster - no damage was caused to ThistlePro DuraFinish.

    Key test

    - Scratching with a diamond

    An impressive 94% less weight loss in the ThistlePro DuraFinish compared to regular plaster.

    Scratching with a diamond

  5.  ‘Abrasion resistance’

Using sandpaper scraped across the plaster surface to simulate repeated rubbing in the same area, such as the gentle brushing of people or chairs against a wall. The results show a valuable 10% improvement in performance with ThistlePro DuraFinish.

Abrasion resistance


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