What makes Gypframe unique

Precision engineered using the unique UltraSTEEL® rigidisation process, Gypframe metal sections look and perform differently to any other range of metal framing.

Gypframe is not only stronger, gauge for gauge, than any other range, but is equally lightweight and easy to handle. Its greater load bearing capacity means walls can be built higher without the need to increase material gauge, resulting in lower project costs. Lighter products also make unloading and subsequent installation far easier. Superior screw fixing and retention ensure that lining panels can be quickly, accurately and securely anchored for guaranteed system performance.

So, accept no substitutes. Only by using genuine Gypframe metal products in your British Gypsum systems can you have the warranted performance and certainty of a durable, robust wall or ceiling system that will last stand the test of time - they have quality and strength written all over them.