BS EN 14566

Tolerance, EN compliance, rigorous testing, head and bit specification and packaging

EN14566 is the European standard that specifies the characteristics and performance requirements of mechanical fasteners used for fixing gypsum plasterboard and specialist boards to timber and metal (NB: Nailable plugs are not covered by this standard). The standard also specifies the requirements for fixings that may be used in the construction of metal framing and joining of metal components.

What does EN compliance mean to me?

The standard is designed to ensure a minimum level of product quality. This means every fixing in the box will perform as well as the last, every box you buy is of the same high quality, therefore reducing waste and improving your productivity.

EN14566 is the new standard specifically created for drywall fixings. In summary, it is a product standard designed to ensure a minimum level of quality against several key areas of fixing performance:

  • Reaction to fire
  • Flexural strength
  • Protective treatment
  • Base material
  • Product dimensions and tolerances
  • Length
  • Point sharpness and penetration speed
  • Material hardness
  • Withdrawal force

What has British Gypsum done to become compliant?

We were the first to implement EN compliance on our fixings range. As well as new materials and changes to specification, new test equipment has been designed to meet the requirements of the standard.

Over 25,000 tests have been carried out as part of our compliance testing, over 5,000 of which have been completed in an independent test house.

EN compliance allows a 5% failure rate for each test carried out on a batch of fixings. Throughout the independent and in-house testing, our new EN compliant fixings range passed 100% of the tests, meaning you really do get the best fixing every time you buy a box of British Gypsum fixings!

Are there any other benefits in using British Gypsum fixings?

In addition to being the first company to provide a fully compliant EN drywall fixings range, British Gypsum has implemented the following improvements to further differentiate its fixings range as the best in the industry:

  • Length tolerance – the vast majority of manufactured goods have a +/- manufacturing tolerance. For fixings this starts at 1.5mm on the smaller length of fixings and increases as fixing length increases. We have removed the minus tolerance as part of our new manufacturing specification e.g. Manufacturing tolerance of A N other 25mm drywall would be 25mm +/- 1.5mm (between 23.5mm & 26.5mm) – British Gypsum 25mm drywall fixing is 25mm + 1.5mm and will therefore always be at least 25mm.
  • EN compliance testing with Gypframe – as part of EN compliance testing, all British Gypsum drywall screws have been tested with Gypframe made from UltraSteel®. UltraSteel® is the unique process used in the manufacture of Gypframe. Only British Gypsum drywall fixings are tested to EN compliance with Gypframe metal and they are the only fixings we will warrant as part of the SpecSure® life time system warranty.
  • Rigorous testing – in addition to over 5,000 independent tests, 20,000 installation tests and thousands of factory batch tests carried out as part of EN compliance, every batch of EN compliant fixings are now tested twice against all parts of the standard to ensure we maintain the highest standard of fixings in every box of fixings we manufacture.
  • Head and bit specification – in addition to the requirements of the new EN standard, we have further improved the specification of our head and drill bit. This improvement has been measured through on site testing to provide increased life for each free bit you receive with a box of fixings from British Gypsum.
  • New packaging – following customer feedback we have re-designed our product packaging to ensure you choose the correct fixing for your next installation. Boxes now hold range information, installation guidance, background suitability as well as all the contact information you will need to get in touch with us directly.
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