Technical support for essential & critical building projects

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Within hours of the news breaking that essential infrastructure and urgent NHS construction projects must continue to cope with far-reaching consequences of COVID-19, British Gypsum mobilised a team of experienced technical consultants, dedicated to providing technical support for these vital projects.

Dave Robinson, Technical Development Manager, British Gypsum explains how the team is meeting current demands: “the projects coming into the team are an important part of the overall infrastructure supporting the COVID-19 response. As well as the large-scale temporary hospitals around the UK, we are also supporting on key schemes that play a vital role in helping the wider UK infrastructure cope with the ongoing demands of COVID-19. At any one time we are offering guidance on a broad range of technical areas including fire rating and substantiation, acoustic performance, U-Value calculations – the guidance is as broad and varied as the schemes coming into us. Whether these are temporary projects to meet current healthcare demands such as the Nightingale hospitals, or projects that play a strategic role in the wider community – such as schools and public buildings – our efforts are entirely focused on these essential projects.”

British Gypsum - Technical Support Essential ProjectsThe Technical Support Team at British Gypsum is renowned in the construction industry for its trusted, expert advice and this same ethos applies more than ever to these vital projects, as Dave continues: “the schemes coming into the team have been deemed essential for a reason and they all share the necessity for accurate and fast technical guidance – so that’s what we’re delivering.”

Schemes coming into the team range from extensions and remedial works at hospitals, improvements to schools and colleges, ongoing infrastructure and public building projects that are classed as essential. Dave concludes: “we’ve made it really easy for clients to contact us with their essential schemes by setting up a dedicated email address. It’s a swift process and one of our dedicated team is delivering end-to-end technical guidance, it’s an efficient way to ensure our technical guidance and expertise is delivered efficiently, enabling schemes to move forward at pace.”

If you have an essential NHS or other critical building project that requires technical support please email

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