ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster wall attracts the attention of Leicestershire School children

An innovative plaster with magnetic properties donated by British Gypsum has helped create a fun and interactive new learning environment at a Leicestershire primary school.

Hugglescote Community Primary School near Coalville has been fitted with ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster, a specialist plaster which turns walls into surfaces with magnetic properties. The magnetic wall acts as a unique display area for the children’s school work and is a valuable teaching resource for group working.

The donation was part of a British Gypsum-run competition which gave employees the chance to win a ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster wall for the local school, club or group of their choice. Winner Richard Sainsbury, Engineering Manager from Barrow, donated the wall to Hugglescote Community Primary School, which is attended by his children. The wall was installed by British Gypsum Plasterer Demonstrator, Paul Mulinganie.

Headteacher Paul Driver commented: “We are extremely pleased to have been selected to receive the magnetic wall – the plaster is ingenious.

“With our usual wall-mounted displays, board needs to be backed with lining paper and the work stapled or pinned on, but ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster enables us to effortlessly display pupil's work and change it on a regular basis. Currently, we’re using the wall to display excellent examples of children's handwriting as part of a project they are working on.

“In the future we plan to use the wall as a space to promote community organisations. There are also magnetic games available and I would like to have a part of the wall as an interactive display – we’ll even get the children to design items to go on to it.

“It is very exciting and we are very grateful to have been selected to receive this amazing resource.”

ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster wall attracts the attention of Leicestershire School children

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