ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster was specified in 37 new student accommodation rooms

We find out what the students think

Cherry Tree Homes were building new student accommodation for students from the Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln. They wanted to give students a greater area in which they could personalise and express themselves in their rooms.

As the landlords, Cherry Tree are also responsible for the ongoing maintenance and wanted a solution to help them effectively manage the initial and ongoing costs associated with traditional noticeboards.

The specifier for the project, James Collins, from Cherry Tree Homes commented: “We are always looking at new materials to enhance the living experience users have in the buildings we construct. Of course, we also need to consider the cost implications of any specification changes we make, but when we looked at the initial and ongoing costs associated with using ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster instead of noticeboards, it became an easy decision.

“We are now able to provide students with a whole wall on which to put up notes, posters and even picture frames, rather than the usual small noticeboard area, which limits and frustrates students. This typically results in students blu-tacking or pinning stuff to their walls – resulting in higher ongoing repair costs as well as replacing tired and damaged noticeboards every few years". 

After the first intake of student had left for the year James added: “The students have now vacated the rooms at Longdales Lodge.  The majority of students have utilised the magnetic walls really well and only very minor touching up is required in terms of re-decoration - so it has been a great success and we are very pleased.”

So what do the students think?

Thistle Magnetic PlasterJosh in Room 5 said:

“It’s a brilliant idea. I’ve seen the 1 metre noticeboards my friend in Manchester had and they can’t do anything with that. I like that I can make the room my own and personalise it with flags and pictures and adapt it to how I want when I want.

It was really good for Fresher’s week. I could practically organise myself by putting up the wall planner and tickets and I’d know where it all was when I come back to my room.

It’s really practical and will be really good for revision. I can see how it will save redecoration, and a fine - since I don’t need to use blu-tack.”

Thistle Magnetic PlasterLucy in room 19 commented:

“I really like the idea of the Magnetic Wall, as I certainly don’t like looking at plain walls.

It’s easy to put up photos which remind me of home and friends.  It’s really handy to put up rail tickets so they don’t get lost. It will also be really helpful for putting up and changing revision notes - so brilliant for exam time.

I’ve told my friends at other Universities and they’re really jealous because all they have is a small noticeboard, which really limits what they can put up and so they can’t personalise their rooms much.

I really wish it was on all walls.”

ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster

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