Creating a magnetic partnership with Cawrey Homes

Leicestershire housebuilder, Cawrey Homes, has partnered with British Gypsum to introduce ThistlePro Magnetic plaster in its homes

Offering greater choice and personalisation for its homebuyers through Magnetic Plaster

As a company committed to building high quality, energy efficient homes, Cawrey Homes wanted to further differentiate itself from local competitors. John Cawrey, Owner of Cawrey Homes, explained: “We pride ourselves on being very different in appearance and performance to standard builds, and alongside our trademark energy efficient features and house design, magnetic plaster is a unique solution that helps us stand out from competitors.

Designed to offer extra functionality for walls and enhanced options for interior design, ThistlePro Magnetic plaster is featured in the kitchen, master bedroom and smaller bedroom of all new plots. It can be used to create interactive surfaces in the home, for example children’s nurseries, or notice boards in kitchen or home offices spaces.

Sarah White, Residential Market Manager at British Gypsum, said: “We’re seeing an increasing demand from consumers for flexible spaces within homes. Our latest research showed that ample space now tops the ‘must have’ list for homebuyers searching for a property.

Showroom Kitchen Cawrey homes

The way we use our homes is changing and therefore creative solutions that allow rooms to be adapted and used more flexibly are becoming more popular than ever.”   

Dave Cross, who bought a plot at Cawrey Homes, commented: “We chose magnetic plaster as addition to our kitchen. Paint has been applied directly over the surface so it looks like any other wall, but it’s really handy for us to put up shopping lists or photographs without the hassle of pins.

Julie Reedy, who has ThistlePro Magnetic plaster installed in her kitchen and smaller bedroom, added: “It’s a real talking point in my home when visitors come round. It makes the space fun and engaging. I use it to put up magnetic photo frames, postcards, and even stick magnetic appliances to the wall like a magnetic torch in case I ever need emergency lighting.

Showroom kitchen wall close with person

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