British Gypsum offers great design flexibility with Gyproc Habito

British Gypsum has launched an innovative wall solution this month [1st September] that provides improved design flexibility and greater durability.

Gyproc Habito is a new plasterboard with a reinforced core that is five times stronger than standard plasterboard.

Installed just like standard plasterboard, Gyproc Habito allows users to fit items such as shelves, curtain poles, picture hooks and TV brackets without specialist fixings or pattressing. With the new plasterboard, a single no. 10 woodscrew can support 15kg of weight, giving end users the freedom to update spaces when they choose, as fixtures and fittings can be easily moved or installed. 

Sarah White, Residential Market Manager at British Gypsum, explained: “Buildings and rooms need to adapt to the changing requirements of their occupants, so flexibility is critical on any project. Until now, walls have sometimes appeared like fixed, static substrates, but with Gyproc Habito we’ve created a new standard of performance which is truly adaptable.”

In addition, the core strength of Gyproc Habito means it can withstand repeated bumps and knocks common in busy, high-traffic rooms. Sarah continued: “Through the benefits of easy fixing, designers and installers can now offer their clients walls that give them so much more. Plus, as it’s a single system, there’s no need for multiple products, which streamlines both the supply and the installation process.” 

For more information on Gyproc Habito visit our product page or see our Rooms Made for You website

Gyproc Habito easy to fix to

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