Secured by Design accredited GypWall QUIET systems

British Gypsum launches industry first Secured by Design System

British Gypsum is pleased to announce the launch of its new Secured by Design (SBD) accredited GypWall QUIET and GypWall QUIET IWL systems, which incorporate Gyproc Habito and provides sufficient robustness to withstand attack, passing the onerous STS 202 BR1 test.

GypWall QUIET and GypWall QUIET IWL are non-load bearing, twin-framed acoustic separating walls, which have been designed for use within apartments, where high levels of acoustic performance are required. Following the integration of British Gypsum’s Gyproc Habito plasterboard, these new systems not only fulfil the SBD attack requirement but also meet fire and acoustic regulations for a residential separating wall.

British Gypsum’s Gyproc Habito plasterboard has been included within the GypWall QUIET and GypWall QUIET IWL systems as it features an engineered core, which provides enhanced levels of strength, durability and fixability. This results in walls that not only provide good peace of mind when it comes to building security, but also enable fixtures and fittings such as radiators or TVs to be positioned anywhere on the wall without the need for pattressing or specialist fixings.

David Martin, Senior Site Manager at L&Q, commented on the project: “We want our customers to feel safe and comfortable within the homes that we provide them, so  we ensure that all of our schemes are SBD compliant. On the Erith Baths project we decided to incorporate British Gypsum’s new GypWall QUIET system to give the best, most robust fire and acoustic system to not only fulfil the array of regulations, but also to provide our tenants with the level of security and assurance they require.

“When we decided to pilot the system, British Gypsum worked closely with the team at L&Q, the architect and acoustician on the project to educate them about the system and provide the details they required. This new system is very clean, simple and will benefit everyone within the industry as it will eliminate ‘hybrid’ systems, which have materials such as ply wood introduced in the build-up of them – it’s a one stop shop system!”

Secured by Design (SBD) is a national police crime prevention initiative. It seeks to achieve sustainable reductions in crime through design and other approaches to help people live in a safer society.  Find out more.

Installer Training

We have developed a bespoke course that covers the important aspects of installing a partition into a SBD scheme, including highlighting the importance of using tested components as well as how to create junction details with floor, ceiling and other walls. By attending this course contractors can demonstrate due diligence has been observed in the construction of GypWall QUIET and GypWall QUIET IWL systems.

For further details on the course please contact the British Gypsum Technical Academy Team on 07792 249874 or email

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